Heading to the 2013 AHIMA Convention? Beware ‘Smoke Screen’ ICD-10 Answers

Beware the ICD-10 smokescreen

The healthcare news headlines are crowded with answers to your ICD-10 woes. This week, I attended the ICD10Monitor.com “Talk Ten Tuesday” session and one of the panelists shared some very important advice on discernment.

Be aware of ‘smoke screen answers’ from vendors, such as your EMR vendor. For example, in asking if they are ready for ICD-10 and they answer 100% yes, ask for details!

Don’t believe everything you see and hear. Some experts are simply misinformed or uninformed. For example, in attending conference sessions, be sure to check the presentation facts after the conference.

Focus on what you need, not what is being sold to you. There is a lot of noise in the market (and will be in the exhibit hall) trying to make you believe that resources like posters, games and pdf’s are the answers to it all. While fun, the core value is qualityeducation delivered in a way and at a price that will help you be successful in the ICD-10 transition.

This may be age-old advice, however it rings true for many situations, including the 2013 AHIMA Convention and Exhibit. Keep this in mind as you network, stroll through the exhibit hall and take sessions at the conference. Happy travels!