Healthcare Services Move to eLearning

We’re not sure if it’s something special that we’ve done, but every day we’re seeing more organizations in the health and medical sectors moving their training programs online. Litmos is becoming quite the crowd favorite! Which is great, as we love the idea that we can help make learning easier for such important industries.

Last week I took some time to ask one of our wonderful clients about their organization, their experience with online learning and how Litmos plays a part…


Lane County Health and Human Services promotes and protects the health and well-being of individuals, families, and our communities. Health & Human Services (H&HS) is a broad-based organization which oversees health, mental health, social services, and offender programs in a largely subcontracted system. The subcontract providers are our community partners in a complex service delivery system. The department provides a wide array of direct services, offered on a sliding-scale fee basis.

How did you find out about Litmos originally?

I researched different e-Learning sites to find one that was affordable, easy to administer and easy for the end-user to understand and navigate. Litmos stood out above the rest.

How were you delivering your courses prior to using an online system?

When I first became responsible for the administration of department-wide HIPAA training, we were using a three-part system. The first part consisted of having newly hired employees watch a two-hour video of a lecture given on the topic as it relates to the County as a whole. The second part consisted of a supervisor sitting down with the employee and discussing our department-level policies and procedures as well as how HIPAA played a part in their particular worksite. The third part was a proprietary software which consisted of a slide show and test on keeping data secure. Each part had a separate certificate to be signed and sent through courier to me for tracking.

Why did you choose Litmos as your learning management system?

I moved over to an online course as quickly as I could. Unfortunately, I started with a different online system which turned out to be hard to use for the end-user and not very flexible for the administrator. I looked at every online system I could find within my budget and was thrilled to finally find Litmos. It had everything I needed, except for one reporting feature, which they were considerate enough to add when I told them about it. What really sold the site to me was the fact that it was flexible. If I wanted to change the look or the type of media down the road, it was easy to do. The responsive and communicative staff was also a huge plus.

What benefits do you see in using an online system like Litmos to deliver your courses?

  • Provide a way to make your tool available offsite as well as onsite
  • Enable easy tracking and reporting
  • Are basically familiar to end-users who use other web sites for various functions (especially Litmos)
  • Are easy to update
  • Free up your IT staff from maintenance (which pays for itself)

– Tina Baker, Lane County