Is Social Media an Oxymoron?

Is social media an oxymoron

Please, will someone explain to me where the ‘social’ in social media is? A post on Facebook with a selfie? A 140 character splat on Twitter? An ill formed text message? OMG, where is the ‘Social’ in that? Really?

The telephone is really the easiest and quickest way to get responses from people in the office. – Bill Marriott

Words, voice inflections, and body language, all tell us what the person is really saying. Human communications through the spoken word has evolved for centuries. As a matter of fact, we’re generally pretty good at it. So why is a communication standard, which has been in effect for less than a decade, better?

Short answer is, it’s not.

The real problem is, when new entrants join your workforce, they are not well trained on verbal communication. They can tweet and text, but they cannot communicate verbally. Compounding the problem is the fact that many new hires become the ‘face’ of our companies, holding positions in customer service, reception or front desk, and the like. So, what we’re doing is putting poor communicators out in front of our clients.

So, where do we go with all of this? We need to understand and implement communications training into our repertoire of training for new and existing employees. They need telephone etiquette training, face-to-face communications training and just as important, email training.

Possibly more important than any other training, today’s employees need to be trained, drilled, and recorded, and then re-trained on how to be a professional communicator with our patients, customers and co-workers.