Locally Grown, Never Outsourced

locally grown healthcare education online

At Litmos Healthcare we strive to stay local, never outsourced, and organically grown. What does that mean to you? High quality training, at an affordable price. Because of this, we grew the company 35% this year.

Each year, we’ll continue to develop our Learning Management System (LMS) and training from the ground up–free of artificial preservatives and hormones (i.e. unnecessary features).

Why is this important?

In the world of security, organically grown means rock solid security. We adhere to best practices in our technology, and have a 100% redundant server on the east coast, should our west coast server fail us. We protect your data, never selling or sharing it with third party vendors because we own and manage everything.

Our security protocols exceed industry standards, as a matter of fact, our office servers are never allowed to navigate outside of the United States. This makes accessing iTunes Store or App Store impossible for me, because apparently these sites are managed outside the United States. For you, this means no international spiders out there can sneak in the backdoor and attack your data.

If you receive an email from someone at BridgeFront, you can be assured it came from our offices in Vancouver, Washington, USA. It was not routed and rerouted, picking up little cyber hitchhikers along the way.

We also designed and created our website; we did not outsource it to another company. We know what computers were used in the design, as well as the creative hands that touched and created the web design. No bi-products, just 100% natural BridgeFront homegrown talent.

In 2014, our tech team (local) worked to give our LMS a new face lift…making it easy to navigate, with additional reporting tools and another layer of security. The reporting tool came from…that’s right, local…Chicago, IL.

Yes, we’re all backed up. If the issue is stateside, our backup system kicks in with little to no interruption. We can even boast of a 99.9% uptime in 2014, which means if you use our LMS, you never experienced an outage.

Not even when we let the chickens run free ;-)!