Managers: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Part III)

 All Children, Except One, Grow Up

Peter Pan, “All Children, Except One, Grow Up” – The Bad

On the surface, Bob looked like a great guy. He was fun and engaging, and certainly the life of the party. Late night hot tubs and wine bottles were the norm with Bob and his staff. Although buyer beware, if he was ever made to look bad, the fangs came out. The problem was, it was hard not to make him look bad.

You see, Bob was all about himself. He cared about him employees to the extent that they made him look good, especially in the eyes of his boss – nothing more. Everyone knew that Bob did not have their back, so in turn no one had his.

Wonder why he failed and eventually was fired? No respect or credibility … Bob was toast in the end.

Lesson Learned – Keep the distance of respect with your employees. Support them at all costs to earn it.