New Cyber Attacks Come Faster than New Security Measures

Security awareness cyber-attacks on patient records phi pii

Security awareness is a process that is constantly evolving. Each day, someone somewhere comes up with a new way to hack into private computers and steal sensitive information. How does your healthcare organization keep up with the latest cyber-attacks and protect patients or members?

According to an article published in iHealthBeat, of all the breaches that occurred in 2014, half came in the healthcare sector. The information from one medical record can fetch as much at $500, making this a very profitable venture. Comparatively most health systems spend less than 3% of their IT budget on information security; which makes a breach of your data a “when,” not an “if.”

The fees and penalties associated with a breach are far more costly than the initial investment in security measures and education. Likewise, you can’t assign a value to patient trust and patients should be your most valued asset.

Safeguarding PHI and PII is everyone’s responsibility, but training on HIPAA and meeting basic compliance is not enough anymore. You need to educate staff on how to protect themselves and your organization, not just the law.