Stop Bleeding Money! It Starts with Patient Intake

your organization is leaking money because of your revenue cycle

Is your organization leaking money? Could your revenue cycle be to blame? Every year, healthcare facilities spend huge amounts of money chasing past-due payments. But isn’t there a better way? delivers a smart article that points out the benefits of a strong point-of-service or pre-service collection.

They include:
• Boosting cash flow.
• Reducing overhead costs.
• Minimizing the need for customer service, thereby reducing mailing costs and bad debt.

But a collection tactic is only as successful as your organization’s patient intake staff. Isn’t it worth it to educate these staff members on not only the “what” but especially the “how?”

Litmos Healthcare’s Revenue Cycle Education eLearning program and certification process is the top program in the country. Perfect for patient access, intake, registration, accounting and medical billing staff. Written for skill sets from entry level to senior level.

With ICD-10 coming, this education is not an option. Get ready today.