Why It’s Time to Prepare for ICD-10, Now!

Education preparation for ICD-10

As a serial insomniac, I learned the secret to sleeping at night while I was a college student—was to not procrastinate. It decreased my penchant for composing dissertations in my head while I was supposed to be asleep, but that didn’t do much to stop me from studying in my sleep. However, I accepted that if I didn’t tackle each assignment as I received them, then I was in for a lot of stress and sleepless nights.

So I’m wondering why some of the most gifted and talented people in our country are procrastinating in an area that is set to have a serious impact on every avenue of the healthcare field. In a recent article in Exclusive Multi Briefs physician offices say they have not had time to prepare…what?! After years of schooling, it may seem exhausting to take on something new, but a little bit of pain now will make your life so much easier in the long run.

Why is ICD-10 important? Patient satisfaction is a phrase used throughout healthcare and a measurement that is quantifiable and will effect reimbursement. However, ICD-10 brings advantages that support the patient satisfaction train. By enhancing diagnosis codes and removing the archaic ICD-9 system, quality in patient care should go up and with it patient satisfaction.

ICD-10 will bring with it new codes allowing physicians to collect specific and diverse data, allowing them to provide the right diagnosis and treatment the first time. By utilizing the correct code set, an organization will see a decrease in claim rejections and a steady revenue flow. By decreasing claim rejections and A/R days, your organization will have the assets needed to provide quality care.

Isn’t what healthcare is all about?

Let’s be honest, most of you thought the delay would equate in complete decimation of ICD-10, so you procrastinated in your training and now you are up at night. I feel your pain. You’re not alone! If you have a staff, create a team. Misery loves company. All it takes is one person to champion the ICD-10 cause and by setting an example you’re creating a precedence of anti-procrastination and fostering learning.

If you start today, there are 160 days to learn 123,000 codes; that’s 768 codes per day. Ready, set, go!

The clock is ticking and the number of codes per day will grow exponentially! Contact Litmos Healthcare for more information or call 1.866.447.2211.