Would You Survive a HIPAA Audit?

Surviving a HIPAA audit

I believe healthcare staff start each day with an unmatched passion to care for patients; it takes a special kind of person to do this job.

I have friends who are doctors and nurses – who talk with passion, about an ailment or patient they treated. One friend, in particular, works in a wound care unit, the things that make me want to hurl are the same things that make her eyes light up when she talks about her job. Names are never used, even though there are times when I know they have seen other friends of ours.

What a crazy line to not cross! After all, we are only human.

What about the people that cross that line? Maybe it is inadvertently, maybe it’s not. If you are part of a clinic or practice, you are only as solid as your weakest link. What do you do?

I’d like to offer some training to a few pharmacies I have been in that ask me to yell out my date of birth and address!

Healthcare organizations assume they are HIPAA compliant, until they are not.

Imagine that one person in your organization lost a device, phone, tablet, or laptop. According to Consumer Reports, in 2013 over 3 million cell phones were stolen and over 500,000 laptops and tablets are stolen every year in airports alone.

Last year I was at a breast cancer fundraiser, surrounded by people I knew. I left my phone in my purse, which was sitting on a table surrounded by my friends. Guess what was stolen and never recovered? Not my purse or wallet with credit cards, but my phone.

Set aside, for a moment, the cost of a breach and the potential civil lawsuit damages – organizations that commit a breach lose on average 54% of their patients.

According to the Ponemon Institute, in 2015 the cost per record for a data breach was approximately $398. The cost of training your staff? Priceless.

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