Case Study: Saasu – Easy Online Accounting

saasuA few months ago we were lucky enough to have Saasu, a leader in online accounting software make the move to online learning via Litmos. We asked their marketing exec a few questions about their search for the ideal learning management system and here’s what they had to say:

Which industry does your organisation operate in?
Saasu makes online accounting easy for business owners and their accountants. Essentially, we’re a SaaS provider (hence the name), and our product is used by businesses across all industries. In light of this, our LMS had to be easy for anyone to use – regardless of their technical expertise.

How did you find out about Litmos?
We researched several learning management systems and stumbled across Litmos as part of that process. Not only that, but half the world seems to be following your ‘happy blogger‘ on Twitter, so you must be doing something well!

What were you using to manage learning prior to Litmos?
To be honest, we hadn’t attempted anything like Litmos before – we didn’t realise it could be so easy! Usually our training system simply consisted of a series of online webinars or on-site meetings. Both were time-consuming, sometimes inefficient and didn’t really let us accurately assess an individual’s learning.

As a result, this is the first time we’ve run a training programme in this way, and it’s definitely making for a richer learning experience.

Why did you choose Litmos as your learning management system?
Litmos is straightforward to use and gives our training team plenty of control. It also eliminates tedious admin work such as marking tests and chasing up clients to re-sit these. Oh, and it’s cost effective (which is always a bonus)!

Another important consideration was that we’ve got a great partnership with the team at Acclipse (in New Zealand) who we run a lot of training for Accounting Partners through, so it was really important the system we chose to work with was simple for anyone to set up, as we knew communicating complicated ideas from our office in Sydney wouldn’t be easy.

How has Litmos improved the way that you manage learning within your organisation? i.e. the benefits now and in the future
We use Litmos alongside our original training webinars to make sure our customers have really taken on the message. It’s great, because if they can’t make the webinar, we have a presentation in Litmos ready and waiting for them. In fact, our very first presentation to clients and staff makes it clear that webinar attendance is completely optional, and that their Litmos results are what we’ll be monitoring.

Although we mainly use Litmos for educating customers, it’s also the perfect tool for training Saasu and Acclipse staff (we have a lot, and they’re all over Australia and New Zealand), as we can track who’s making progress, and keeping up to date.

Now that our system is set up – the hard work is done! Of course we’re always tweaking the content and adding new sections, but doing this is a breeze.

– Thanks Saasu!