Elearning Using Litmos Now An Integral Part of a Call Center Business

Learning online is now a worldwide phenomenon. Many companies have moved towards having either all, or part of their staff training programs online. The ability for employees to study in the office and not spend precious company time away from the business is attractive to employers.

New employees are able to experiment with technology without fear of making a mistake. Online training programs allow them to keep practicing until they ‘get it right’ so that when they formally start the job, they are confident and well informed.

In New Zealand, leading outsource contact center provider Telnet is using Litmos, an Internet based online training program to train their customer service representatives. It has become an integral part of their business. Telnet’s training manager, while not at all technical herself, has found Litmos a very easy tool to use in developing training modules. Given that Litmos operates on the Internet with simple monthly licensing, Telnet was able to bring Litmos into full production without any support from Telnet’s IT department. Elearning, and Litmos Programs have changed the way Telnet looks at educating and training its staff.