What to Know About the Next Generation in the Workplace

Fresh talent is graduating college and entering the work force.  And times are changing, no doubt about that.  So, what makes this generation unique, how do we employ them and keep their fresh ideas in our workforce?

  • Give promise of skill-building – Generation Y has their entire careers ahead of them.  They are also use to instantaneous results and are looking to move quickly in the work place.  Promising them this will ensure their success as well as yours.
  • Follow through with the promise of skill-building –  If you promise them something, be sure to follow through.  50% of Gen Y employees said they would rather be unemployed than stay at a job they hate. (TOG)
  • Be appealing and up to date – Generation Yers are drawn to the modern.  Having the latest technology and a modern look will insure they will stick around and also brag about your brand. (HRG)
  • Formal is no longer part of the business world – Forty-one percent of Gen Y workers surveyed want to dress in ‘business casual,’ 27% prefer ‘jeans and sneakers,’ 26% prefer ‘a mix depending on the situation,’ and only 4% prefer ‘business attire’. (YHJ)
  •  Give recognition and feedback – They want to know where they stand and that they are appreciated.  Offer opportunities for growth and development. (HRG)
  • Allow a Work-life balance – Generation Yers want to have it all.  Fifty percent of Gen-Y and 52 percent of Gen-X are family-centric compared with 41 percent of
    Boomers”. (FWI)


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