Why is Litmos so perfect for training your resellers?

One of the huge benefits of using a lite learning management system like Litmos is that we’ve made the process of uploadingIMG_0301 course content and delivering it out to your learners so quick and easy that it’s a snap for anyone to manage. I’ve seen small independent, non-technical trainers all the way up to large technology companies brand their account, upload their course content, import their users, and have results rolling in within just a few hours. Now that’s efficiency 🙂

This kind of efficiency is especially useful when it’s your job to bring a large, geographically dispersed group of resellers up with the play on your current product offerings, and new products as they are released. Having a stream-lined, consistent sales process, with accurate information communicated to buyers is a no-brainer when it comes to establishing credibility and growing your brand. One of the most effective ways that I’ve seen technology companies do this is through making short screencast, ‘how-to’ demos of their software products. An added benefit here is the ability to simply update a recording when a feature is added or a process changes.

To create a screencast you just need to decide on a screen recorder – like Camtasia or Captivate (more screenrecorder ideas here)- and then it’s as simple as recording your narration and interactions on-screen as you demo how the piece of software / technology works. Of course you can get a little fancier by embedding video and assessment questions, but in all reality a little how-to screencast might just do the trick. You can always follow it up with a short Litmos assessment and this way your course composed of your screencast video and quiz would all be accessible via mobile too.

Mobile access for learners should be a big consideration moving forward (read here for why), in any industry but especially technology. Odds are your learners already have smart phones and if they can watch a demo video or complete a quiz while they’re on the train or bus to/from work, they will do it. Isn’t it also a ‘win’ for the organization if learners are using their own time to get their product knowledge up to speed?

Finally, you will want to split your learners up in to Teams by geography, product category, brand or department. Why is this so important? Because then you can clearly match up how well a group is performing with their course completion stats, and if someone isn’t pulling their weight you can drill down in to the reports and figure out if it’s a training problem or maybe you have just discovered a managerial trouble spot that you need to further review.

If you’re thinking of moving your reseller training online and have a question for us, please email our friendly team on: support@litmos.com