Why Train in the Cloud?

You have been hearing this for the last few years:  “The cloud is the future!”  But, why?  What makes the cloud so great?  And what makes it great for training?  Here are a few reasons why training is better when it’s in the cloud… especially with Litmos.

Same data at home, work, mobile – Have a few moments on the bus for eLearning?  No problem, Litmos is on your iPad.  It’s also on your work computer, home computer, friend’s Android, and just about anywhere else you need to access it.

No Downloads Required – To gain access to Litmos, simply fill out a form and check your email.  No need to take up space on your computer or worry about download complications for you or your users.  As long as you have one of our four supported browsers, you can access Litmos.

Security – Security is a big worry for people who are “anti-cloud”.  However, all Litmos accounts are password protected and when you’re online using Litmos you’re protected by a SSL (HTTPS) secure connection. Our core database and servers are hosted in a world class data center and managed by Rackspace. We also use Amazon’s S3 storage technology to store and serve uploaded files.

Integration – Connect with other applications.  Whether the application already exists (like Salesforce and WooCommerce) or you need create the connector yourself using our API, Litmos easily connects with external sites.

Automatic Updates – There are no versions of Litmos, just the latest and greatest version.  The Litmos team strives to release new features and bug releases every few weeks.  These changes are automatic, with no need to update your current account.  If there is a feature you would like to see, let us know, it may be available in your account next week.

No Maintenance Team – Having software in the cloud reduces the need to hire a team to maintain the servers that host the software and the databases.  This is especially beneficial to small companies with little or no technical experience and allows for scalability for when the companies grow.

No Commitment – Although we know you will love Litmos, with cloud computing we are able to offer non committal plans.  We do not require a contract and because Litmos is in the cloud there is no software to purchase.  If you decide Litmos is not the right LMS for you after you have signed up, it’s no big deal.  Cancel or downgrade your plan with no penalties.

Cost – With your training in the cloud you save the upfront cost of servers and expensive licenses and the cost of maintenance in the long term.   And because our plans are flexible to fit your needs, the cost for your training is only what you need and can afford.