Will the iPad3 change eLearning?

It never fails. As a lover of technology, I am always lusting over the latest tech gadgets, only to find that 6796366063_76a0d831bfafter I purchase something, a newer version comes out six months to a year later. Thus, I try to tell myself to not jump the gun and make do with what I have until the next version. This time around, I’m happy to announce that I am patiently waiting for the iPad 3. Yes, I said it. The iPad 3. Apple has announced that they will be holding an event in San Francisco early March to debut the successor of the iPad 2. Although there is no release date on when it will be available, the buzz on the street believes it will be out a week or so after the event.

How will the new and improved iPad differ? Sources say it will have a  much faster chip, sporting an improved graphics processing unit, and featuring a 2048×1536 Retina Display. Although Apple has not confirmed the rumors, I’m excited nonetheless.

What will the new version mean for eLearning? Well already the iPad has proven itself as a great tool for learning on-the-go.  Not just because you have a larger screen size when compared to a smartphone, which instantly makes content more appealing – especially things like HTML5 SCORM modules (which Litmos now supports)! But then you have a super user-friendly interface that everyone is familiar with too. So when you couple that together with the  Litmos LMS mobile version you have a seriously powerful mLearning combination there that I think the iPAd 3 will only further enhance! Plus, delivering content to learners even faster than before can only be a good thing.

Now if you are one of those individuals that has procrastinated on getting your loved one or significant other a Valentine’s Day gift, have no fear, an IOU for the new iPad will be sure to melt their hearts. Plus, it is a gift that keeps you learning!

– Jacqueline Barnes