3 Tips on Course Design from the Experts

  1. Distinguish between need to know and nice to know. Focus on need to know, only.– Shannon Wallner is an Instructional Designer, you can follow her on Twitter @SWallner
  2. Take some time off ‘designing’ and just observe how students use technology. Then exploit what you have seen. The result will be different than if you had designed it using your ‘wisdom’!– John Heap is the Director of the National Productivity Centre (UK), President of the World Confederation of Productivity Science, a Board Member of the European Association of National Productivity Centres, a Council Member of the Institute of Management Services and co-editor of the International Journal of Productivity & Performance Management
  3. Another great training idea is webinars – something like GoToWebinar. Advertise them on Twitter, make them free.– Nathaniel Flick is an Interaction Designer, you can follow him on Twitter @natobasso. Check out his Top 5 Tips on Course Design

Please feel free to add any design tips that you feel are fundamental to the success of an online learning program in the comments section…