4 Key Stats for Social Networks

In a world where lines have become blurred between our online and offline lives, social networks are really highlighting the fact that online, is where it’s at. As if we didn’t know!

Here’s some staggering stats I picked up from Rebekah Horne (Vice President Australia & New Zealand Fox Interactive Media) regarding social networks worldwide. Some very interesting things, I think, to consider when you are marketing your business and targetting new customers.

1. In the UK, 45% of 18-24 year olds would spend a spare 15 minutes on a social network rather than reading any other media form

2. In Australia, 2.6M people visit MySpace per month. This translates in to 3 million hours in July 08, and 21% of the entire Aussie web audience

3. 68% of people visiting social networks are over the age of 18 (surprised? I was a little)

4. Average session times for Australian audiences on social networks are:

  • MySpace 27mins 46sec
  • Facebook 21mins 15sec
  • Bebo 26mins 39sec

That is compared to an all categories industry average of 12mins 1sec.

There’s really no doubt in my mind where we need to go to market our businesses (especially things like online learning) and products successfully. If not only for the fact that you have access to variables like gender, age, interests, job sector etc which can only amount to one highly targetted message.

So if you aren’t using social networks to get your message out there – hop to it!