5 Ways to Create Buzz on the Web

This is what I’m trying to do right now actually for Litmos. I’ve been ploughing through tons of blogs, articles and opinions trying to figure out who’s got some good ideas that I can really use. Obviously not everyone has the same budget or connections to utilise the same advice. So, in my not-so-expert opinion, here are the 5 most relevant things I have found out about creating buzz around your business, in no particular order:

  1. Write a press release. Try to put together more than one version depending on who you are approaching. Something like a formal one, an informal story type one, and a tech breakdown. Get help from a professional if you don’t have writing experience. Spend a day searching for media websites, press release sites & blogs to send your press release to. Make sure to make your email personal and if possible tailor it to each contact, otherwise they may just hit the delete button. One website I have found very useful is Buzzoodle (just register for free and you’ll have access to 99 websites that will help increase buzz)
  2. Use social networks to help spread the word – create groups and pages in Facebook, post events & invite everyone you know, make a Lens on Squidoo to showcase your passion, write a HowTo guide in your area of expertise on eHow. Most importantly – put yourself out there.
  3. Your website should definitely have a blog, but make sure to keep it updated with quality posts. It takes some dedication but keeping a regularly updated blog is a sure fire way to get more traffic & establish some authority on your topic.
  4. Word of mouth again – like the press release – get out there on the forums & discussion boards & take part in relevant conversation and at the same time plug your product or service.
  5. Approach leaders in your field and see if they will review your product and in return you will put their testimonial on your page and a link to their website. It’s worth a shot!

Now I should practice what I’m preaching and get back to it then. Good luck!