A recipe for success in the online training world

To be successful as a training business in the online space you need to understand the formula.

What you will need:

  • A trainer or training company that wants to deliver courses online
  • Some interesting training content and course material
  • An easy-to-use training system that lets you create, deliver and manage courses

So let’s break it down…

In order to be a success you must have great content in your training courses. An awesome training system can help make average content look and feel better, but at the end of the day great content keeps the user engaged.

Great Content = Great Training Courses

Once you have the content defined you need an easy way to move the content online, deliver it to the end user and manage the results.

If you have researched online training systems you will find they are a bit of a mixed bag. While many offer the general functionality required, most training systems out there are difficult to set up, cost a fortune and really don’t cater to businesses that want to sell their own training courses to 3rd parties.

Its all very well having great content but if you’re delivering that content via a system that is old, clunky and hard to use you will lose the attention of the trainee. Not many people truly like training so it’s in your best interests to present your training on a system that’s modern, easy-to-use and complements your content.

Great Content + Awesome Delivery Platform = Successful Online Training Courses

Litmos is a training delivery and management platform. It is a hosted service, which means trainers don’t have to worry about the technical infrastructure, IT support, upgrades and maintenance required to run a training system. There are no software downloads required and you can literally start building courses within minutes.

What we bring to the table is expertise in the running and managing of an easy-to-use, yet powerful and high performance training system. This lets you focus on the other factors that will make your training business a success – great content and the ability to easily manage the delivery of courses to large numbers of trainees.

Let’s work together and make your training business a success!