April 2012: Your Litmos questions answered

Q: Is it possible to view a learner’s assessment answers?

A: Yes. A breakdown of a learner’s assessment answers can be viewed by going to the Reports tab and then under Quick Reports > Assessments > {Assessment Name} > {Learners Name}.



Q: One of the delegates did not receive the invitation to the platform. Does the “Send login email” link at the right panel do this? Otherwise, how else can we re-send an invitation?

A. To re-send just one user’s login information email out to them again, click on the People tab, then click in to the person’s profile, and then click the red ‘Send login email’ link on the right side of the page. This will re-send only their login details out to them again.

If you ever want to re-send all of the login emails out to every person that has never logged in to their account, then you can do this by using the ‘never logged in’ link on the main Admin Dashboard or the ‘Send login emails’ link on the People tab.


Q: Can you make the Course Reference Code available as a column in the Courses Report?

A: Although the course reference code is not included in our standard reports, you can include any field you like by creating a report export with custom data fields.

To do this go to the Reports area, click ‘Create a report’, then choose User or Team Report, select your report criteria and click the blue ‘Schedule Email for this Report’ link on the right. On the ‘Export a report’ screen, next to ‘Report Format’ you will select ‘Custom’ from the drop-down menu. You then need to enter the string of data fields you would like on your report.


To include the course reference code you would need to include [CourseCode] in your custom format string. Once you are ready and click ‘Save’ the report will be emailed to you in a .txt format to then be opened in the program of your choice.

To open a .txt file in Excel, you will need launch Excel, under the File menu click ‘Open’ and select the .txt file. During that import process make sure to stipulate the delimiter that you used in the report export to separate the fields – in the help guide example this is the $ symbol.



Q: How do I remove people from receiving a notification every time a student completes a quiz / assessment?

A: If it is just an email notification about an assessment module being completed (rather than an entire course) then you need to go in and update your assessment notification settings by going to the course as an admin (via Courses tab), then click in to the assessment module, and then click ‘Edit Settings’ at the top and make sure the name on the ‘Notification Email’ field at the bottom is correct or you can un-check the box completely. You will also need to check the ‘Edit Alerts’ tab in there too to make sure anyone on that alerts list is meant to be there.




Here is a help post that outlines the difference between the course completion notification, the assessment alert and the assessment email notification: Set up Trainer Alerts at a Course and Assessment Level.