eLearning Weekly Reviews the Litmos LMS #LoveYourLMS

Last week the Litmos Learning Management System received a great review on B.J. Schone‘s eLearning and mLearning blog/magazine eLearning Weekly. Many thanks to Eric Matas, the new Managing Editor, for taking the time to review Litmos and for putting together such positive feedback and comments.

Eric signed on for a trial with us back in August just before we rolled out our iPad, iPhone and Android support. We didn’t know he was considering reviewing us at the time, but when his trial expired we made sure he got a another week to check out the new mobile learning features that we had been working on. It definitely paid off because whether you’re ready or not, this is where the learning market is headed!

Here’s a comment from Eric’s review:

“Litmos is so light and agile that I was able to set up a demo site, add a few learners, add a couple of SCORM courses, and send a few email notifications all in less than 30 minutes. Minutes later, I was accessing the LMS on my smart phone. The Litmos experience is amazing–so different from the LMS nightmares I was used to with the larger LMS beasts out there.”

Please take a minute to check out the full eLearning Weekly review:LMS Spotlight: Litmos‘. 

Thanks again Eric!