June newsletter – schedule and track live training in Litmos!


Well here we are coming to the end of the first half of 2012 – can you believe it? It’s gone by in a flash with a lot of great new additions having been added to the Litmos product and to the team behind it. The next half of 2012 promises to deliver more exciting developments such as: language support, course library enhancements, more eCommerce integrations, and an overhaul of the reporting suite just to name a few.For now though, here’s what you need to know about June:

  • Schedule and track live training events! NEW FEATURE
  • mLearnCon a huge success
  • Vote for Litmos in the Elearning! Awards 2012

Schedule and track live training events!

We have now released our new Live Training Module to chosen Litmos accounts and you can see more information about it on the Tour page of our website. For those who need a refresher on what it all means, you can read the low-down on the new module’s capabilities below:

  • Schedule live training events Schedule and track live training events
    Easily set up your live training whether it’s a one hour, one day, all week or recurring training event. All you need to do is enter information such as: course title, instructor, location, date and timezone, and then you’re ready to go!We understand that not all types of live training can be re-purposed effectively for an online learning environment, and that there are some major benefits to offering a blended learning solution where face-to-face events and Instructor Led Training (ILT) are part of the curriculum.When you want to host live training like webinars or classroom-based sessions, you can rely on using Litmos to schedule and administrate your events.
  • Send event invites
    After you schedule your event, simply nominate who should attend and invitations will be sent out by email. Learners can respond to the invite from within their email inbox and add a meeting reminder to their Outlook, iCal, Google, or other type of calendar program.
  • Self-registration and online payment eCommerce
    Just like our regular eCommerce process offered for self-paced courses, you can sell learner seats to your live training events too. This means that your learners can self- register and pay for an event without you having to lift a finger.
  • Track event attendance
    When it’s time to hold your live event, you can easily record attendance using the clever roll-call feature. If the event contained an assessment, you can also record a score for each learner then track these results later via the comprehensive suite of Litmos reports.
  • Created a blended learning experience
    Create a more engaging, blended learning experience for your learners by adding live training to your existing, self-paced courses. For example, you could ask your learners to watch a video and download a document before attending a classroom-based session, and then finish up back online with an assessment.

mLearnCon a huge success

Last week the mLearnCon conference took place not far from Litmos HQ, down in San Jose, CA. With Litmos both sponsoring the event and hosting an expo booth, it was a very busy but successful week.

This mobile learning event also marked the launch of the Tin Can API, a new eLearning standard promising to be more flexible than SCORM in terms of tracking more types of learning activities – including informal events – which is very big news. We worked very closely with the Tin Can development team leading up to mLearnCon to have a working Litmos demo in place for all to see, and it was definitely a hit. To learn more about the new standard and our involvement, check out this blog post: mLearnCon, Litmos, & the Tin Can API Launch!.

Vote for Litmos in the Elearning! Awards 2012

It always surprises me how quickly this time of year rolls around, but the Elearning! Awards 2012are here! The awards, which opened for voting on May 15, are polling for the best in breed LearningElearning! PollsManagement Systems, authoring tools and much, much more.

If you love your Litmos LMS, then please let us know by casting your vote for us in this category:

  •  1. Best Learning Management System (SaaS, Cloud-based or open-source only).

Thank you in advance, we truly appreciate your support!

To all of those people who will be celebrating next week – Happy 4th of July! Take it easy and have a great next month.

– Nicole