Next week: mLearnCon, Litmos & the Tin Can API launch! #mLearnCon #TinCanAPI

Next week marks the beginning of the eLearning Guild’s big, mobile learning conference – mLearnCon 2012. This year it runs from June 19 – 21 at the Fairmont Hotel, San Jose CA. We’re pretty lucky as this is just down the road from our Pleasanton office so all of the Litmos team will get the chance to head on down and check it out at some point.

This year on the Litmos Expo booth you will be able to chat with our friendly sales gurus, Ayoob Syed and Justin Hettinger, who will be demoing the coolest new mobile functionality this side of the equator. Plus, you will also get a first-hand look at the Tin Can API running on the Litmos LMS (more on Tin Can below) which is super exciting. You may well spot Rich Chetwynd (Litmos Founder) roaming the halls and in attendance at Jason Calacanis’ keynote no doubt. Plus, I will be there too attending some sessions, so make sure to say hello if you recognize us in our Litmos shirts!

Tin Can API – connecting learning experiences

In its most basic explanation, the Tin Can API is the next generation of SCORM; a brand new learning technology specification. It’s been under development for the past few years and now the anticipation is really building as it will be launched at mLearnCon 2012!

The best people to explain more about Project Tin Can are Rustici Software. Although Rustici do not own the concept, being the experts in the learning spec space (they are after all) they were asked to develop the Tin Can API for ADL, the actual steward.

All you need to know is that the Tin Can API opens doors to tracking so much more learning activity information than is currently possible, and I’m sure that you’ll be very happy to know that Litmos will be one of the first LMSs that are compatible with the next generation of SCORM!

For the full low-down you’ll have to be there at mLearnCon in person to feel the buzz of the Tin Can launch. But if that’s not possible make sure to follow the backchannel on Twitter by searching the hashtag #mLearnCon and #TinCanAPI

We hope to see you next week!