Online Education is a Winner

As the technology industry heads into recession we’re left to ponder who, exactly, will be hit the hardest. According to “Firms that provide enterprise software as a service (SaaS) over the internet, such as and NetSuite, have been growing steadily”, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon.

The goal of SaaS vendors is to provide low-cost, monthly subscription services that work to replace traditional heavy software solutions. Therefore, they aim to reduce company spending.

With the inevitable collapse of some business and the redundancies that follow, an affordable online training framework provides specialists who may find themselves out of work, in a unique position to start monetizing their IP (intellectual property) through online courses.

Similarly, those non-specialists who find themselves unemployed may look to upskill in an affordable way through online training. It has all appearances of being the winning solution.

Edufire has recently published their “6 Reasons Why Online Education Will Boom in the Bust“:

  1. Many people will re-tool in a downturn.
  2. In a down economy, many people will head back to grad school.
  3. People will be more price sensitive in the coming years.
  4. Rising gas prices become more of a concern.
  5. Larger number of highly-qualified teachers.
  6. Relative strength in foreign economics and/or weakness in the dollar will allow the US to export education to the rest of the world.