Raising the Bar for Online Language Teaching

An industry that’s booming right now is online language teaching. There are a number of new entrants popping up in this market and it looks like it’s really buzzing. You only have to consider British council estimates that there are over 1 billion people currently learning English worldwide to understand the potential of this market.

Through speaking with some of these teaching organizations it’s clear that they all share a similar pain with their rapidly growing businesses. Their product is only as good as the language Coaches they employ, so the problem they have to solve is how they can streamline teaching methods and maintain the quality of instruction with student numbers rising so quickly. Using an online training system to manage contracts, coaching methods and quality check their Instructors is one way they can reduce their workload while encouraging a high standard of language coaching.
english with personal coach
As a result we’re seeing a lot of new sign ups from this industry. One of which is Samespeak, a pretty new player in the English conversation market. Their offering involves native English speakers signing up as Coaches to practice ‘natural’ English with Students from all over the world. Online training fits in as the tool to ‘quality check’ Coaches to make sure they have all the skills needed and successfully pass the requirements of a Coach.

Rowan Pita, CEO and Founder of Samespeak, spoke to us about the successful integration of online training in to her business and says “Litmos has made training super easy for my coaches and reduced my administration time by 95%!” The automation of these time-consuming processes means business owners will now have more time to get on and personally connect with their customers.