Reduce your Carbon Footprint with Online Training – go green!

“E-learning is inherently green. By moving a course online,
you instantly cut the
biggest contributor to your footprint: travel.”
Silke Fleischer, Adobe Systems Inc

There has never been a better, more crucial, time to move your training online.

Silke Fleischer is an avid promotor of reducing carbon imprint, encouraging businesses to re-assess their current training practices and try to move some, if not all, of their training online. Fleischer is intelligent and insightful, yet still accepting of the reluctance some businesses still have when it comes to going ‘green’.

In what I think is a brilliant piece for Elearning! Magazine she offers up constructive advice on everything ranging from measuring your carbon footprint, reducing paper waste and moving training online, to making classroom training as environmentally friendly as possible.

Here’s Fleischer’s tips on minimizing the enviro impact of classroom training:

“If you do have to conduct classroom based, instructor-led training, these tips might help reduce your footprint:

  • Offer public transit passes or support carpooling and hybrid car rental (reserve via Planet Tran, which is focused on environmentally friendly hybrid vehicles).

  • Offer carbon offsetting for each traveler.

  • Facilitate courses in centrally located areas and shorten travel distances.

  • Choose energy-efficient and long-lasting hardware like the new CherryPal