Research Indicates Growth in Online Corporate Training

A new survey released last week by Citrix Online and Kelton Research of 1,100 businesses and 4,300 workers in Britain, France and Germany shows some very positive results for the online training industry.

Overall 500 businesses and 1300 workers in the UK were surveyed, here are some key figures to come out of that research:

  • 89% of SMB decision makers plan to spend more money on training than travel in 2010
  • 82% of workers believe training opportunities are vital for their career development
  • 78% of workers say training opportunities are a key benefit they would look for in a new job
  • 88% of employers agree training is important but they highlighted these key issues that are hindering their ability to provide training:
    • 56% – cost
    • 54% – making the time to arrange the training sessions
    • 30% – don’t want staff away from their desk or out of the office unnecessarily

The results turned out to be very similar across all three countries:

  • 80% of German and 90% of French workers saying training opportunities are vital to their career development
  • 70% of German and 80% of French businesses saying they regard training as important. 

The corporate training topic may well be on it’s way to reaching a boiling point in the countries mentioned, with both learners and trainers focused on increasing training and career development opportunities. The obstacles cited by employers to providing more training, are increasingly easy to overcome by choosing an online solution that offers a simple way to deliver, manage and track content and coursework. As more Learning Management Systems and eLearning platforms enter the market or build an online, lighter option, the price of enterprise-level services will inevitably come down, while some monthly subscription-based services are already very affordable.