SaaS Saves you Money

There’s a whole lot of discussion at the moment revolving around SaaS in general. It’s definitely the buzz acronym of the moment.

SaaS – Software as a Service

Big questions up for discussion involve:

  1. how long the SaaS lifespan will be
  2. whether a move to SaaS will actually save your company money

Firstly, the good news is SaaS is here to stay so we can cross that off the list (check out “Why Some Traditional Enterprise IT Vendors Are Scared of SaaS“). You’ll find the lifespan question is one that’s been mainly put forward by the ‘big guys’ who want to believe it’s just a fad because they have a lot to lose to high SaaS adoption.

Secondly, I stand firmly in the camp that says “Yes, SaaS saves you money”.

Litmos is of course a SaaS offering and saving you money has been a primary driver for us building this product. We continue to prove we can give you a fresh, useful, fully hosted and professional platform to deliver your training courses that is still low-cost.

However, I’m fully aware of the fact that it will never sound as convincing coming from me, seeing as I may appear to have a vested interest in pushing the whole SaaS thing…

So here’s an interesting post Is SaaS Cheaper than Licenced Software? and discussion from ReadWriteWeb that may help you get your head around the whole thing and come to your own conclusions.