Struggling with clunky LMSs? Bring on Online Training SaaS style

Talk to anyone out there who is in the market for an online training system. Every day is filled with the struggle to navigate and understand how to use the online training frameworks on the market, when in actual fact online training is supposed to make your life easier.

How is this still happening in such a high tech world?! Here’s 2 things to be wary of:

1. When you find an online system that offers training (for you the trainer) as part of the package, you just know something’s up. The reason why you moved online was to make training people easier, and to avoid the added costs and time of traditional training methods. Put like that, surely alarm bells start sounding if you need training just to use your online training system!! But it is the case with many offerings out there.

2. Your online system should be light as a feather on your company. Ahh, not always the case either! Some may actually involve some serious server installs and dedicated IT support to get you up and running. I have to say it – it’s just not cool.

Online Training SaaS Style

This is where online training SaaS platforms swoop in to the rescue and claim a hands down victory! What I’m talking about is an easy to use, on-demand, scalable software solution hosted by the service provider in a secure data centre with a fixed cost per user, per month pricing plan. How will traditional eLearning and online training platforms compete?

The answer is simple, they can’t.