Top 10 Learning Management System (LMS) Must-Haves (cont.)

Here is that Top 10 Learning Management System (LMS) Must-Haves list from Wednesday continued:

6.     Make sure the LMS has the flexibility to import all types of content that you have now and will have in the future
This includes selecting a SCORM-certified system if you need it, or if you think you will be using an authoring tool that publishes to SCORM in the future.

7.     On-going upgrades to the product
Look for a vendor that offers on-going development to the LMS, because this means it will always be cutting edge. This is great because you won’t be left behind and find yourself looking for another LMS a few years down the track!

8.     Choose an online, hosted system
If you do not want to deal with things like file storage, servers, and technically supporting the LMS using your own IT team, choose a hosted LMS.

9.     The ability to fully customize and brand up your accountmonster_small
It’s your account and you need to be able to own it as much as possible – colors, logos, custom text, language support if you need it, single sign-on and the need for API access are just a few things to consider.

10.     Preferably the LMS has a cute green monster as it’s mascot
Well, although this isn’t really a must-have, I would definitely put it on your ‘like-to-have’ list 😉 Who can resist Lenny?