Top 5 Tips for eNewsletter Success

This week I had the privilege of listening to Steve MacLaughlin (Director Internet Solutions, Blackbaud Inc) speak on a few different topics all centering around eMarketing. Although his specialisation now is in the not-for-profit sector I found many of the things he said are easily transferable to eLearning. He highlighted some simple, key things that enable his clients to effectively access more people:

5 Key Considerations for eNewsletters:

  • Design your emails for mobile devices. 64% of the decision makers out there view their email on a mobile device.
  • Test how your email/logo looks in the preview pane as this is where most people will look at them before deciding whether to hit delete or not
  • The optimum days to send an email are Tues – Thurs. Wednesday at 10am is the best time while Mondays & Fridays are the worst!
  • Avoid Spam filters by really doing your research & knowing what words not to use
  • Make sure you have an effective, concise subject line. Mobile devices only show the first 12-25 characters.