Where is the Marketplace for eLearning Content?

There are a lot of eLearning companies out there custom building courses to order and charging a decent amount of money for it. There are also a lot of companies delivering online courses from their own websites at a per seat cost. But is there a marketplace or repository where anyone developing an online learning program can go to purchase pre-made modules and content that fits their needs?

I ran various search terms through Google yesterday to see if I could find one website (or a few) listing presentations, SCORM content, Flash or video modules suitable for inclusion in online learning programs. I was hoping to find a repository of content from various eLearning vendors and independent learning professionals. You know, somewhere modules and complete courses are listed by subject, media format, price, vendor, country of relevance, voice-over, accent and with a short preview available so you know what you’re buying. The content could then be purchased for download and bumped up in to an LMS of the buyer’s choice. Well, I was surprised to discover that I couldn’t find one.

So one of two things must be true. Either there is no website like this, or there is one out there but it is so badly search engine optimized that no amount of search terms I tried could find it!

I’m curious to know which it is.

Is there a marketplace you visit to find more generic content to include in an online learning program? Is it a collaborative marketplace for all types of international vendors to list their content? This kind of marketplace would be especially useful for something like compliance training modules that just need to cover off country and industry-specific legal obligations.

I’d be really interested in any feedback!