Why People Hate Training

Here’s a feisty blog post on tickledbylife.com by motivational speaker Denise Ryan entitled “Why People Hate Training”.

She offers helpful tips to those of you locked in to an in-house staff training battle. There’s some great insight in to why people may not be keen on training sessions and some ideas on how to keep it fun and interesting, and the content relevant to your team.

Here’s a few ideas I’ll take away from this post:

  • As the manager you should probably be doing the training too, unless you have a valid reason for not wanting to affect your staff’s interaction with the trainer. It not only shows how vital the training is, it also avoids you giving off the impression that you know it all and the course is beneath you.
  • Some people may hate training because they fear being put ‘on the spot’ and don’t want to feel dumb or embarrassed. Take these factors in to account by considering who will be attending the course, then pick your trainer carefully so that they will be a good fit with the group.

To me though, these two takeaways only highlight the cons of classroom-style training. My addition to this post would be to suggest that trainers and managers consider offering self-paced, tailored training via an online training system as a more cost effective, staff-friendly and engaging alternative.