It’s the end of the quarter, do you know where your Sales Team is?

The best way to sell a product is to build a relationship and gain the prospect’s trust.  It is hard for anyone, company or individual, to purchase a product when they are unsure what they will receive in return.  A sales person’s job is not only to get them interested in the product but to show them how it solves their current issues and how the product is a good value.  An effective sales professional will solve your prospect’s pain points, understand their needs and gain their trust.  But any good sales professional will tell you, it takes skills and experience to master this and training can help.

Here is a quick quiz to determine if your sales team needs an online training program to improve their relationship with prospects:

  • Are they able to demonstrate the product in a way that solves the prospect’s issues?
  • Does your sales team listen, develop a solution and then respond in the most effective way possible?
  • Does your sales team know the ins and outs of the product(s)?
  • Are they regularly able to follow through the entire sales cycle from the initial call to signing the deal?
  • Does your team know their competition?
  • Does your team research and know what to research when it comes to prospects?
  • Is your team aware of all the tools in their arsenal and how to use them?
  • Is your your sales team reaching the decision makers?

If you did not answer a confident “yes” to all of these questions, it is time to look into a training strategy that can make your sales team as effective as possible.  An effective training program can improve the skills of all sales professionals to gain the prospect’s trust and gain one more happy customer.

Why use online training?  Online training allows your sales team to train when they have time.  Prospects are not on a schedule and may need your team’s assistance when a classroom training is in session. If your team is utilizing online training, they have the ability to go through their training when they have time.  If something interrupts their training, the training can easily be put on hold without sacrificing learning.

For more information on setting up an effective training program with your sales team, contact Litmos or set up a free trial.