L&D Talk: New Cohost and New Name for Mondays!


Monday’s just got a lot more fun! Join your L&D and Training colleagues in blab.im to discuss the disruption in our industry. Make it Happen Mondays will bring together the topics and conversations from the previous week and discuss how to take action. We take the hot topics from the previous week and discuss the realities of implementing them and… Making it Happen!

L&D Talk’s Monday cohost is Trish Uhl. She is a long time veteran of our industry with deep insights into how training, learning and development can stay relevant in uncertain times. Today we talked a little about the history of instructional design and how we got to where we are today. We also discuss the transcendence of our industry and how we provide value to the organization.

We also tackle the topic of training qualifications. Should anyone be able to just start training within your organization? If training, learning, and development, is critical to your business then maybe not.

We covered a lot of ground in under an hour. Let us know your thoughts. And send me your ideas for future topics to discuss on Make it Happen Mondays. And don’t forget to join us live on blab.im. The service is still in beta and has some quirks, but otherwise it’s a solid tool for live/recorded conversations/collaborations.