Adopting a new LMS… or Any New System

Working in software, I see system administrators who have adopted systems and need advice in getting their employees to start using it.  This generally has nothing to do with the system itself but how these users are perceiving the system.  In fact, in most cases, the system will actually alleviate many of their pain points.   There are two remedies, when implemented together, that encourage easy user adoption:

  1. Train users how to use the system.
  2. Show users how this system can make their lives easier.

Combining these two efforts will prove in a successful user adoption of the system by showing the users that the system is not all that scary and it will actually help them to achieve the goal faster and more efficiently.  When more users understand and enjoy the system they are likely to become advocates and help others to learn the new system and explain to them the benefits of the new system.

How does Litmos solve adoption problems?  Litmos is the most user-friendly LMS in the world, therefore, training to use the system is limited if necessary at all.  And because it’s online, users are able to access the courses from anywhere at any time eliminating the need for scheduled classroom training making it easier for them to fit learning in when they have the time.

I can confidently say that the hardest part about using Litmos is the initial login, as people tend to expect with all software that they will have difficulty understanding the system before they ever log in.

When adopting a new LMS (or any new system) consider how easy your users will be able to adopt the system and the cost and time that will be involved in making the adoption process a success.