Why IT Is Critical in Your Learning Platform Selection Process

learning platform selection

Choosing your learning management system (LMS) isn’t just about today’s needs. The future training needs of your business must also be considered if the goal is to realize long-term returns on your investment. The system you select should be scalable — capable of growing as your organization does — and it must be able to change and adapt with increasingly sophisticated technological trends. Finally, your system must have world-class security to keep learning-related data safe in an increasingly complex cyber world. Partnership with IT during the selection process is critical component of long-term success.

Scalable LMS Models

As your organization grows, your training needs change — particularly during periods of rapid expansion. For example, small businesses may require only occasional company-wide compliance modules, as most training is delivered to a handful of new hires as needed. However, small businesses don’t always stay small — particularly start-ups that are on the brink of industry disruption.

If you suddenly find yourself hiring large groups of employees to keep up with demand, the scalability of your LMS will have a direct impact on how quickly new hires are on-boarded. Partner with IT to choose a system capable of coordinating and delivering content to groups of all sizes to minimize obstacles as your business needs change.

Technology Trends That Are Changing Learning

There is still a place for instructor-led classroom training, and learners in every industry find this method effective under certain limited circumstances. However, digital learning methods are taking over as the solutions of choice. Training anytime, anywhere is appealing in a world driven by mobile technology, and personalized learning programs create a custom experience that is tailored to the individual.

When selecting an LMS vendor it is important to look for one that has an innovative product roadmap that stays ahead of these technology trends like mobile apps and gamified courses. The forward-thinking learning management systems are planning a host of advanced products that can be adapted to new technology. Devices are getting smarter and your LMS should be ready to take the next step as this technology goes mainstream.

LMS Data Security

Cyber attacks are on the rise, and no company is immune. Small businesses make attractive targets because most lack the resources for highly effective preventative measures. In 2015, 43 percent of cyber attacks were made against small businesses, and most were devastated by the repercussions that followed. Within six months, 60 percent went out of business altogether. Large organizations are more likely to recover — eventually — but the damage to reputation and consumer confidence may never be fully repaired.

Your learning management system must be capable of protecting your organization’s information through secure storage and backup. When selecting an LMS, partner with IT to explore that your system of choice covers all Data Security check boxes.

Be sure to keep an the following categories on your list to review:  Physical Security, Database Security,  Middleware Security, Application Security and  Network Security. To learn more about these categories and how Litmos can meet your IT team’s expectations, download the full Security Brochure.