Positive Learning through Online Games

We’ve recently become involved with an ambitious new initiative called the ‘Life Game Project’. It’s the brainchild of Warehouse CIO Owen McCall and has come about as a result of his desire to “develop life skills and positive lifestyle choices” in young New Zealanders, through the use of games technology.

McCall has assembled a small group of companies and individuals based on their specific expertise, who now meet regularly to discuss and collaborate on all of the components needed to start this project moving and get educational life games out to children and youth in ‘under-served’ communities. By ‘games’ we’re talking about life games that will teach youngsters how to cope with various issues they may have to face growing up in their community. This may be physical abuse, exposure to alcoholism, drugs, gang pressure or some other very real problem where education may well make the difference between a youth sinking or swimming in life.

The issues we are now discussing relate to the type of games and game content, access to computers and Internet, community involvement and how to support the project once it’s up and running.

An article on CIO online today by Editor Divina Paredes provides more insight in to the Life Game Project and can be found here A life-altering digital strategy.