The Golden Triangle of Learning

“The three current big megatrends in the web/tech sector are mobile, social, and real-time. I like to think of this as the golden triangle”

This is a quote from Fred Wilson, VC and Principal at Union Square Ventures, in an article I read earlier this week. He says that these days if you have these three bases covered you’re probably going to be successful. I would like to agree, but I guess time will tell. Both Fred Wilson and Brian Solis’ posts (linked to above) offer great reading nonetheless.

Here’s an interesting tidbit of information – we developed a Twitter/Yammer-like tool to run inside the Litmos learning management system a short time ago. When we offered it to a select group of our customers to give it a try, there was a unanimous”No thank you”. The major reason given by these companies for not wanting to use a micro-blogging / sharing tool was that it would enable their ‘silos’ to communicate and this could lead to a ‘ganging up’ of sorts, on the management.

This brings us back to Mark Oehlert’s Fear, Trust and Control talk from DevLearn09, which are without a doubt the major reasons why the adoption of new tools that encourage learning (collaboration, sharing, Social Media etc.) in the corporate sector is going to be a long time coming..

But back to Fred Wilson’s quote which, although it is in reference to start-ups, could just as likely be applied to any business out there. In a corporate training context, if you are not making your training system accessible on the web/mobile devices, and if there is no social, collaborative element to the training (because we are social animals) and you’re not offering a real-time connection to a trainer and/or peers, then it’s probably about time you started thinking about how you’re going to put those pieces of the puzzle in place.