The One Thing to Know About Hiring and Retaining the Y Generation

I thought I was a rare bird in my craving to Learn.

I want to learn somethingMy bio on Quora is “Looking for new ways to grow.”  I have joined and participated in education sites such as Udemy, the Khan Academy, Saylor, iTunes U and about a million others.  I chose my career in the elearning industry because I want to help others in the learning industry.   I have found that I have become obsessed with learning.

As I was reading a few articles based on Generation Y for another blog post, What to Know about the Next Generation in the Workplace, I kept reading the same thing over and over again:  Generation Y wants to learn.  And I realized, as a Generation Yer myself, I am not alone.

By creating a corporate university not only are you giving your team members what they want, you are able to take a great team and make it better.  Train them on how your products are made and what makes them superior to competitor’s products, policies and guidelines your company has, improving the techniques of your sales team,  and other skills, both in and out of their job description, that will strengthen and make for a well rounded team.

Now, with the internet and an LMS in the cloud, it becomes easier to give your new workforce what they crave.  Setting up your own corporate university to train your employees is now a reality.  Since each course is created once and may be updated periodically, the time taken to train your employees has been greatly minimized.   Why not give your employees courses on things you need them to know and things they want to know?

Online learning can also be used as a great recruiting tool.  Add that you have a corporate university and the types of courses provided to the list of perks when hiring new employees.  Let your potential employees know that when they work for you they are working toward a better future.

And although it’s the Generation Yers that are asking for it, the Babyboomers and Generation Xers will be sure to take advantage of this as well.  Sign up for a free trial of Litmos and learn more about how easy it is to set up your own corporate university.