The Party Has Started And DevLearn Is In Full Swing

devlearn12-logoDevLearn has officially kicked off!  The first session has finished with keynote speaker Jon Landau, the producer of Titanic, Avatar, and many other  films.  You are probably thinking, like me, why is a big time movie producer speaking at an eLearning conference?  He even admitted that it was strange.  But once he started, it all made sense.   He didn’t come to DevLearn to talk about being a producer but to talk about about being an innovator.

Titanic-MovieHe spoke about how every movie he produced, was a precursor to the next.  Avatar was written in 1996 but the technology did not exist yet to make the film at the standards that Mr. Landau and Mr. James Cameron had set in mind.

avatar-movie-posterThe point is not that the technology used for Avatar was awesome, which it was.  The point is that Avatar was written in 1996 but needed the technology that had not yet been developed, and therefore when the movies were created they were also thinking about building technology.  This is how we must think about eLearning.  We must see where we want to end up, but we must also develop as we go.  There is so much potential for learning and eLearning, its just a matter of figuring out what our potential is.  You must think, if I apply this now, what will it allow me to do in the future?

If you are at DevLearn, be sure to stop by the Callidus Cloud booth in the Expo and pick up a Lenny and a coffee!