Top 10 Learning Journey Blog Posts for 2009

As December wraps up and the year draws to a close it’s time to check in and see which 2009 posts were the most popular on the Learning Journey blog:

  1. Top 10 Best Practices for Teaching Online
  2. Top 6 Tips on Course Design Tips from an Instructional Designer
  3. New Firefox: Update Adobe Flash Player
  4. 7 Things to Avoid in Online Training Video Design
  5. Top 5 Tips on Course Design from an Interaction Designer
  6. 10 Great Online Training Resources
  7. Top Screen Recording Tools

  8. Online Learning More Effective Than Face to Face
  9. Calling all Learning Professionals on Twitter
  10. A Fundamental Shift in the Way we Conduct Learning

The real number one – that stands far out ahead of all the others by a gap of more than 3000 unique views – is still a post I wrote in August 2008 entitled 5 Key Characteristics of Generation Y. It seems this post just can’t be beaten, not for a lack of trying!

Although our primary offering at Litmos is our learning management system, this blog has grown over the past three years to become a bustling little place for people from all different backgrounds to stop by and read up on their favorite online learning topics. Thank you to all of those people who read this blog and also to those who comment on my posts. Although I start the conversation, it is you who keeps it going and that’s what keeps us all learning.