Use Online Training Tools to Connect with Your Employees

Communication is so important during a recession, but often it’s one of those things that’s overlooked. Whether it be from the CEO to the Managers or just between colleagues, uncertain times can start the rumour mill turning and cause trust issues to develop amongst employees. We’ve all been there and it isn’t fun thinking you might be the last one to find out what’s going on. Recession expert Carter Schelling says “You ain’t leadin’ if you ain’t communicatin‘ ” and he’s made a business out of helping companies maintain clear lines of communication with their staff during a recession.

Online Training as a Communication Tool

For example, Litmos has been designed not just to deliver courses, but also to serve as a communication tool. In fact, in a recent cost-saving effort, Telnet, a large Litmos customer, looked at how many of their staff actually needed external facing emails in a bid to decrease licence numbers. They found they had 100 email Exchange Server licences they didn’t need because the Litmos internal messaging system could replace those communications. Cutting those licences resulted in a saving of over USD$7000!

Now thats one happy customer.