Wise Words from Big Al Jones (Einstein)

In this post, Stephen discusses one of Albert Einstein’s most famous quotes. This quote in particular is controversial in the sense that it is almost contradictory. Einstein’s motivation and willingness to learn went beyond that of conventional teachings, often leading him to question traditional learning methods.


 “The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.”


For those whose passions, careers, and undertakings exist in education, this quote by Albert Einstein probably just struck a nerve.

Why would such an intelligent person suggest that his education was actually a roadblock to his learning? It seems too paradoxical to be an Albert Einstein quote, but the quote above is his, word for word!

Big Al Jones was never a big supporter of institutionalized education, even in his later years as a Professor at Princeton where he taught theoretical physics. He felt that formal education limited a learner’s creative ability. Einstein questioned that if everyone is taught the same way, where is there room to think differently? Al saw this and preferred to pursue his own subjects, in his own ways, on his own time.

Ironically, Al became one of the most brilliant men in all of history.

Here at Litmos, our goal is to give your learners the same freedoms Mr. Einstein valued in regards to education – self-paced, self-regulated learning. Litmos LMS will supply your learners with a library of online courses available anywhere at your fingertips. Although we can’t guarantee that all of your pupils will become an Einstein, we can guarantee that Litmos will give your pupils the freedom to access the courses they want, whenever and wherever at their own pace!