10 Things I Learned at C3 2013

Last week was C3, the sales, marketing, hiring and learning conference put on by our parent company, CallidusCloud.  It included keynotes by industry leaders, break out sessions, certificate programs and networking opportunities.

I met a ton of awesome people and I learned so much my head feels like it’s going to explode with information.  Two of the main themes that kept coming up during C3 and hit hard for me were mobile applications and gamification.  These are two subjects that both interest me and are also the future of eLearning.  For those of you who didn’t make it to C3 (or those who were busy enjoying the extracurricular activities of Las Vegas) I wanted to share some of the things that I learned.

  1. It is becoming more and more important to users that the software they are using is intuitive, meaning anyone can pick it up and learn it without a manual.  That sounds like a product I know, **cough cough** Litmos.
  2. Playing games stimulates the hippocampus part of the brain.  This is the part of the brain that helps us learn.  Games also stimulate the thalamus, which controls motor function, and the caudate, which controls memory.
  3. Zumba rolled out their Litmos elearning six weeks ago with one course.  Their expectations were to have 10,000 users in a year.  And in those six weeks they have already surpassed this expectation with 12,000 users.
  4. Studies have shown that games can help young children fight cancer.  The game developed for this is a first person shooter game where the child is shooting at cancerous cells.  Studies show that when children play this game regularly, they are more inclined to take the medicine necessary for them to heal even though it causes awful symptoms.  It makes me think,  what else are games capable of?
  5. There is an expected 400% growth in mobile by 2017.  Making mLearning more crucial by the minute.  If you have not yet started thinking about how to handle mLearning, now is the time, before it’s to late.
  6. I am awesome at thumb-war.  I should explain this one.  In Jane McGonigal‘s keynote, we played a group game of thumb war, explained by the image on the right.  The point of this was to show that, even with a simple game like thumb-war, we were feeling the ten emotions that games bring out of us:  joy, relief, love, surprise, pride, curiosity, excitement, awe & wonder, contentment, and creativity.
  7. Gartner research shows 70% of new hardware that will be bought in the future will not be a laptop.  This is becoming more and more evident.  As Patrick Stakenas of Gartner pointed out during his keynote, a lot of people were Tweeting, writing emails, and other activities during his talk but very few people were doing this from a laptop.  Almost every person who was participating in these activities were doing it from a tablet or mobile device.  Looking around he was making an obvious point.
  8. Best-in-class companies are 44% more likely to train sales and marketing together to help marketing figure out what is working.
  9. CallidusCloud is coming out with super cool apps that can include all Callidus’s products including Litmos for embedded learning.  This app allows users to go from marketing to sales to learning seamlessly.  To be honest, I didn’t learn this at C3 but this was the first time I saw it in action.
  10. CallidusCloud is a fun company to be associated with, as an employee or as a customer.  Again, this is no new information for me, but C3 definitely reinforced this.

For more information on C3 visit the C3 website.  I would specifically recommend watching the keynote by Leslie Stretch, Callidus Cloud’s CEO, which includes great information on all of CallidusCloud products including Litmos.

I hope to see you all next year!