Enjoy Our New Community

As the Customer Success Manager at Litmos, I enjoy helping our customers, both new and old.  However, in our fantastic growth we have noticed a large amount of support tickets come through our ticketing system.  We have received more than 3 times the support tickets than we had at this time last year and we only expect this number to grow.

Enjoy Our New Community

We strive to answer your questions as quickly and as effectively as possible, and we do a good job (although, I may be bias), but as our customer base continues to grows I’m afraid our support will start to lose its strength.

One of our many solutions to improve support is to create a community to allow you (our customers) to converse and answer each other’s questions.  In building this community, I hope to not only improve the speed of support but also allow users to gain a perspective from other customers that we, from the back end, cannot necessarily provide.

I also need to add that when participating in the Litmos community, you will not be abandoned by the Litmos team.  You can be sure to see our team actively participating in all threads within the community.

Suggestions for making our new community more productive are always welcome!