Litmos Brings the Future of Learning to Dreamforce 2014


The Litmos team is at Dreamforce 2014 this week showing the massive crowd how the most user-friendly  LMS seamlessly integrates with Salesforce. What an amazing event! Sales training is critical to the success of any business and having your training strategy integrated with your Salesforce strategy is a dream come true.

LitmosLenny-collageLitmos Lenny and Friends

But before we get serious about the event, I’d like to introduce the latest addition to the Litmos team: The LitmosLenny mascot.

From all accounts Litmos Lenny was a big hit!

“Awww…He’s SO cute!”

“I Love his glasses!”

“Lenny is cool!”

The twitter stream has been lit up all week with fun pics of the cuddly mascot hanging out with his new friends.

Besides being fooled by a fake Marc Benioff, Lenny had a great time meeting so many people at Dreamforce. He is definitely a welcome addition to the Litmos team.

What Sales Managers Want to Know

Attendees were curious about several elements of their training strategies including compliance training, on-boarding, annual training, and product knowledge transfer to sales reps and channel partners. These are all sweet spots for the Litmos LMS and the team was happy to educate the large Dreamforce audience. The demos were hot all week showing sales managers and sales ops/enablement managers how Litmos can enhance their training strategies via the Litmos Salesforce integration.

Internet of Things at Dreamforce 2014

The internet of things (IoT) is catching a lot of media attention in general, and Dreamforce was no different. The big announcement Wednesday came from presenting his new “wearable” called Puls. He doesn’t call it a watch, but a cuff. It looks interesting.

Salesforce is very interested in the IoT ecosystem and have an entire area devoted to it.  Here’s some of what Salesforce promoted prior to #DF14:

The Best of IoT at Dreamforce 2014 – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

More to come…