Litmos is Now Offering Training Content

Business leaders know that training is the key to successful employees and therefore a successful business. Classroom training can be expensive and time consuming which makes online training courses the ideal solution. However, developing the content for the training can create a large hurdle in implementing online training. What if there was an easy way to get great content without dedicating months building it or spending lots of money on content that does not work properly and is outdated? Have no fear! Litmos is here to save the day.

Litmos is now offering performance-enhancing solutions developed to increase the intellectual value of an organization using short, engaging cloud-based and mobile-ready video content. By using off-the-shelf content, online training implementation has become easier and quicker. Paired with Litmos, the most user-friendly LMS, your training can be ready in minutes, not months.

Each course has been developed using proven academic and professional data as well as humor and animation to keep the learner focused. All courses complete with a 5 – 15 question assessment to test the learner’s comprehension of the material. Content is updated and added routinely to keep the training content relevant and modern.

The packaged training options include:

  • Business Skills – libraries containing training on subjects such as Leadership, Communications, Presentation, Skills and much more.
  • Compliance – Workplace compliance including sexual harassment training specific to California, Connecticut, and Maine as well as Workplace Bullying and Age discrimination in Employment Act.
  • MS Office – Over one thousand video based courses covering various Microsoft software including Office 2013, PC Fundamentals and Windows.
  • All Content – Contains all content above with over 1700 video-based courses.

Now that is Learning Unleashed! Email for pricing, more information, and to view samples of the content.