A trainer that gets it!

At Litmos we get loads of feedback from trainers and we hear about the pain of setting up training on other platforms.

We listen to the trainers, we feel the pain and we fix it..

The idea behind Litmos has always been about taking the complexity out of setting up training systems. Therefore our focus is to provide an easy-to-use platform that helps trainers deliver courses online.

Today I read a review from Ron McDaniel at Buzzoodle. Ron’s a trainer that clearly gets the concept behind Litmos so I thought I would share a couple of his key points.

“Litmos is a training system that for many of you will be a warm, happy relief. It is funny that no one has done a good job of this in the past, considering how many people are out there trying to build training and learning programs.”

  1. I love simplicity. You will be building a course in minutes.
  2. I love low cost of entry. Because they are charging $3 per user, you know how much it will cost whether you are doing small audience or large.
  3. They charge per ACTIVE user. So having users in there that never log in do not cost you anything.
  4. Litmos has a great, easy interface.
  5. Litmos has the option to host big video files (small $ amount more per month)
  6. Nice assessments.
  7. Incredible support and involvement – they have been emailing me to ask how I like it, what I would like to see added, etc. They have even made a couple of changes based on my recommendations.

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