Are Your Trainees Logging in to their Online Training?

Have you ever wondered whether a trainee is logging in to their online training account, but just avoiding doing their courses? Or maybe you’re curious to know if they have ever actually logged in? In this case there may be a valid reason why they haven’t – maybe their login activation email is stuck in a spam filter or maybe their email address was entered incorrectly.

Today we’ve released a new feature which identifies those trainees that have never logged in to your training system, so that Trainers can follow them up and find out why.

Trainees Logging
This screen shot shows the Trainers view of the People tab, with a list of users that have been set up in a training account. Now note the red circular icon on the right side of the lines associated with John Paul and Karen Smith. In your account this icon will actually be flashing on and off to draw your attention and notify you that this trainee has never logged in to their account.

At this point you have the choice of re-sending the same login information out to the trainee again (with one simple click on the red icon), or you can follow up with the trainee to find out why they have not logged on.